Macc Tecc V1 Moderator

Thoughtfully designed, the MaccTecc V1 Moderator's flat back is big enough for any heavy barrel rifle without leaving a rather unsightly gap, but conversely it looks great on a thin stalking barrel. The front is slightly recessed to stop the exit hole being damaged, it’s manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum for added strength and rigidity and most importantly, it’s seriously quiet!

The Macctecc V1 Moderator is available in all popular calibers with 1/2" UNF, M14x1, M15 x 1, M18x1 and 5/8" x 18 muzzle thread options. Weighs 200g, 133mm x 44mm dia.

For calibre's not listed below, please contact your local dealer.

Please Note, un-Proofed (*UNP*) moderators available for calibre's not listed.

*Pictured with a .308 Win Hornady Bullet for size comparison.